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180 Your Life

New Beginnings Personal Study Guide & Journal

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Craft a Life You Love. 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph A Personal Study Guide & Journal is the first companion book to 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Woman's Grief Guide. This individual study guide and journal is a step-by-step, day-by-day, mindful guide to empower the reader's healthy grief recovery. 180 Your Life is a year-long grief empowerment program that strengthens widows, bereaved women, and their families by providing practical steps to Team, Train, Triumph after loss. This book teaches readers how to nourish their bodies during grief, exercise in a supportive team, achieve triumph through a forward-facing goal such as a 5K race, and create purpose from pain by helping others. The 180 Your Life Eight Step Program is a holistic form of grief recovery: empowering your ground zero, forging your team, training your mind, body, and spirit, crossing your finish line, living your legacy, and unveiling your triumph. This book provides a daily roadmap to transfigure the reader's grief journey from tragedy to triumph. Written by Mishael Porembski, a 20-year network news veteran, who was catapulted into intense grief after the untimely death of her husband when she was seven months pregnant with her second daughter. Feeling lost and isolated as a widow with young children, Mishael turned to her faith in God and eventually realized the need for grief communities that were active, healthy, and fun for those experiencing loss. 180 Your Life is a movement that creates these needed healthy communities for grieving families and for those who support them. For easy small group facilitation, look for these companion books to this series: 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Woman's Grief Guide 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Facilitator's Guide for Small Group Study


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